Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Jo Beaumont-Ward joins Central Theatre Supplies

Central Theatre Supplies is pleased to announce the appointment of Jo Beaumont-Ward to their management team.

Jo formally of Lancelyn Theatre Supplies (now National Stage Technology) and Stage Electrics, had taken a health break from work but is delighted to be back working within the industry.

“Jo has 25 years industry experience and we welcome both her technical and management skills “ said David Harwood of CTS . “We are looking to drive the company forward and face the challenges ahead and her dedication to supporting the education and amateur sector fits well with our companies position in the market ”

In addition to her office based managerial role , Jo will continue to design projects and be actively involved with the installation aspect of the business.

Jo said “It is a very competitive market at the moment and we need to change with the times, I am delighted to have been given this challenging opportunity to work with and develop this respected local Birmingham company of 30 years standing. We will be working hard to expand our customer base whilst providing existing client’s with the type of service and in depth knowledge that CTS has become synonymous for.”

Jo can be contacted at

Friday, December 11, 2015


We have been great fans of Allen & Heath mixers for many years and were very glad when we were able to start selling them a couple of years ago. The ZED range of mixers offer excellent value for money combining stunning looks with carefully designed features such as long throw faders and built-in audio interfaces. We recently sold a ZED18 to a ceilidh band who love the ease of use and portability, and get comments about their excellent sound at every performance. I used my ZED18 to record a live music event last weekend and the customer is delighted with the sound quality on his recordings.

A&H have recently expanded the ZED range with offerings aimed at the musician and home recording enthusiast, which will suit beginner and expert alike.

ZED-6 has been created for musicians, singer / songwriters and venues seeking Allen & Heath’s renowned build and audio quality in a compact, portable format. Whether it’s bouncing ideas around at home, performing live or recording tracks to share on YouTube and Soundcloud, ZED-6 is a versatile companion for every step of the creative journey. Featuring the new GSPre boutique preamp design, developed from the GS-R24 studio recording console, the ZED boasts exceptionally low noise and massive headroom, with a signature analogue warmth and depth. Guitarists will be pleased to know that ZED-6 comes with a pair of Guitar DI high impedance inputs, allowing guitars to be plugged straight into the mixer without the hassle and expense of carrying separate DI boxes.

ZED-6FX is the first mixer to include a specially created suite of studio quality reverbs, delays and special multi-model FX, crafted by Allen & Heath’s acclaimed in-house effects aficionados.

ZEDi-8 adds the versatility and convenience of a 2×2 USB interface to allow the desk to be plugged into a PC to record and playback your music. It comes with the acclaimed Cubase LE software, offering powerful yet easy-to-use software tools for audio recording, editing, MIDI sequencing and mixing. Its vast range of proven editing and sequencing tools can be used for a large range of music styles and areas of application. From singers and songwriters recording vocal lines to rock bands jamming in their rehearsal room, Cubase LE is as easy as it gets – with outstanding audio quality as well as time-saving recording and editing functionality.

The ZEDi-10 adds an extra two microphone channels to increase the capacity of your mixer along with a 4 in, 4 out USB interface. The ZEDi-10FX adds effects to an already impressive package.

The mixers also come bundled with the Cubasis LE app. Cubasis LE is the compact version of Steinberg’s streamlined, multitouch sequencer for the iPad, providing the same look and feel of its bigger brother Cubasis. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis LE makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze.

ZED 6FX - 6 channel live mixer with built-in effects                                               £115.83
ZED i8 8 - channel mixer with 2x2 USB interface                                                   £107.50
ZED i10 - 10 channel mixer with 4x4 USB interface                                               £165.83
ZED i10FX - 10 channel mixer with 4x4 USB interface and built-in effects            £199.17

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

LED Stage Lighting from Stagg

COB LED's make inroads

No sooner had the DTS Rep left us with his demo kit and we had a couple of demo units show up courtesy of Jeff at EMD/Stagg. 

Jeff first showed us these units back in April when they were in prototype so we were very pleased to see the finished version. They're intended to slot in at the school/little theatre end of the market where budget isn't so generous but the demand for reliability and light output is similar to larger professional spaces.

As always the LED's come in two separate colour temperatures which equate to cool white and warm white. There's no price differential involved so it really does come down to personal preference.

  • Type: Wash (Fresnel) 
  • LED: 200 watts (COB LED)
  • Light output: 3700lux at 4m (13.1') at 25°
  • Beam angle: 25° to 50°
  • Colour temperature: 6500 kelvins (daylight)
  • Protocol: DMX-512
  • Functions: Dimmer, dimmer curve and strobe (3 DMX channels)
  • Dimensions : 450 x 265 x 195 mm (17.7 x 10.4 x 7.7'') 

The Fresnel is a little longer than a Minuette profile and weighs in at a chunky 7.5 kilos. The light output is even and impressive (mostly because the COB doesn't need anything special to help collimate the beam we suspect) and wouldn't look out of place on a lighting rig mixed with generic lanterns.

  • Type: Profile
  • LED: 200 watts (COB LED) (visible against daylight) 
  • Light output: 6100lux at 4m (13.1') at 17° beam & 1600 lux at 4 meters (13.1') at 50° beam.
  • Beam angle: 17° to 50°
  • Colour temperature: 6500 kelvins (daylight)
  • Protocol: DMX-512
  • Functions: Dimmer, dimmer curve and strobe (3 DMX channels) 
  • Dimensions : 615 x 280 x 215 mm (24.2 x 11 x 8.5'')
The Profile matches the Fresnel nicely with a relatively crisp beam for a unit at this price. we're slowly working in Jeff to ask for an RGB version so that colour changing gobo's and specials become easier!  

We've got a demo unit of each of these units here in Birmingham so if you'd like to call over and see them or perhaps have a demo in your own space - give our sales desk a call!

New Low cost LED luminaires from DTS

Ideal for Drama Studio's

We've had regular visits over the last 12 months or so from Paul at QeyTek - we ply him with tea the ocassional biscuit and he shows us new things from DTS and ELC. He arrived this week having been to see another distributor with demo units of the new Scena and Profilo LED luminaires from DTS.

They're intended for small drama spaces such as studios or even school stages and with quiet running fans won't be especially obstrusive over the noise of an audience.

DTS Scena LED 80 FR FC

To precis the blurb from the DTS brochure "SCENA LED 80 is a compact, lightweight, DMX-controlled LED projector equipped with an high-power Full Color (RGBW) LED featuring 4 LED channels (Red / Green / Blue / White) giving approximately 3660 Total Lumens.

The Scena features a 112 mm Fresnel lens, and a long excursion 14°- 77° linear zoom with dimming curves similar to those of halogen lamps." The unit is physcially about the same size as a Quartet fresnel and against daylight in our shop was giving a very respectable output with a nice even beam.

No fresnel is of course complete without a profile to match so there's one of those in the range too - the Profilo

DTS Profilo LED 80 FC
Again PROFILO LED 80 FC is a compact, lightweight, DMX-controlled LED shaper equipped with an high-power Full Color (RGBW) LED featuring 4 LED channels (Red / Green / Blue / White) giving 3660 Total Lumens). It features a 18°- 36° linear zoom with high-efficiency optical system, and an internal rotating system with four removable shutters, to give high-precision shaping of light beams.

If you're intrigued and would like to know more about these two units then please give our sales desk a call.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

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