Saturday, March 16, 2013

Central Theatre Supplies training day

Today, after a gap of several years we returned to Solihull Arts Complex with a selection of our finest equipment and wearing our smartest polo shirts to deliver another of our (hopefully) helpful and informative training day. 

There was a wide variety of information available on the latest products on offer including lighting David provided training on theatre lighting from scratch which looked at all aspects of lighting including choice of colour, power calculations and lantern selection. 

Ian introduced the range of memory desks available from Zero88 and explained their various uses as well as which ones might be most suitable in each situation.  

John delivered a training session on sound for a small stage which went through all of the different microphones which are available, how they work and which ones are most suitable for any given situation.

The day was rounded off with a demonstration of various pyrotechnics as well as haze and heavy smoke.

Those in attendance agreed that it was an interesting and enjoyable day and we mustn't leave it so long before the next one. We agreed the day was a great success but we need a little time to recover before we think about doing it again. Maybe next year...