Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pyro type effects minus the explosives.

We've all been there, you're doing a production and there is the perfect moment for some glitter or confetti but your director says no, he's afraid you'll blow up the cast. You try to explain that it's perfectly safe because there are so many safeguards in place, no one is going to explode, they won't be even slightly singed.

Your director says you couldn't possibly because you'd scare the audience. You decide not to mention that a well timed bang might actually jolt the audience awake after drifting off in the third hour of the second half, but you decide not to for fear of being yelled at... again.

If you have experienced this problem then we have the perfect product for you - handheld confetti cannons.               

 Available in white, white and silver mix and multi-coloured the hand held confetti cannons are perfectly safe to use and pose no danger. Handheld cannons are single use cannons pre-filled with confetti or streamers. The lowest part contains a pressurized nitrogen cartridge. Easily twist the lowest part of the cannon to the left and the confetti or streamers will be launched into the air.                                      
Easy to use, and a great effect. Handheld cannons are available in 28, 50 & 80 cm. Confetti and streamers are flameproof according to NEN-EN-ISO 6941 and we can even provide you with an official test report if you needed. 

Prices start at just £3.78 + VAT for a 28cm cannon - so even the price shouldn't be a problem!

Once your director has agreed just remember to practice the following phrase: "I'd love to help you clean up the mess after we've fired the confetti cannon but I can't because my *insert name of illness* is playing up - sorry!"

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our online shop

For years we have toyed with the idea of selling products online. We have always prided ourselves on the advice that we give to our customers and obviously we can't do that online but in the end the pressure to sell online got too much and we relented and launched our very own online shop. 

We offer UPS delivery all over the world as it they are generally fast and reliable  and  although it's a little more expensive it definitely beats struggling down to the post office with a mixing desk under one arm and three parcans under the other!

We try to offer a good range of products but there is always something new to be added or updates and we are always happy to hear suggestions for what you would like to see available online. As always, we are available on the phone, via email or in person if you want to ask any questions about your what you want to buy.