Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Looking for waterproof LED PAR's?

We've just taken delivery of 16 of these units for a customer (along with some nice fibre transit cases for them)  after we'd tried to source some waterproof units from another source.
An LEDj225 IP Rated PAR Can
LEDJ 225 IP Rated LED PAR unit
The first thing that struck me when I took one out of its packing was "Flip - this is heavy" (or words to that effect!) but when it comes out of the box you can see why, it's an aluminium body with heat cooling fins. I doubt this would blow over in a breeze, so you don't need to spend time pegging it down - how it would fare against a forklift or something, I'm not going to test it!

It's an IP65 rated fixture boasting sturdy waterproof connectors for mains and DMX with In/Thru connectors for the mains, so if you have to light a tree or something then siting a couple side by side isn't a big chore. It has fixed colours programmed in or the usual jump/fade chases or DMX with a master dimmer channel! The LED chips are 3 colours behind the same lens (though I suspect there may be a RGBW version along soon) so you don't get colour fringeing on shadows when you mix colours.

It looked plenty bright in daylight inside our warehouse so would probably work very nicely for highlighting a building or marquee but I'm not sure it has the 'legs' to light a high rise.  If you're looking for a nice cost effective unit then this might well be the unit to buy - £158 (+VAT) each and £60 (+VAT) for a twin transit case.

 They're not in our catalog or eShop just yet, so if you want to know more then ring the office