Thursday, May 02, 2013

The LEDj Q Color flood

LEDj Q Color Led Flood
ProLight gave me one of these to demo to a customer last week - who then proceeded to not turn up - but I powered it up to show someone else and what a cracking unit!
It has 18 8watt LED’s and each chip can emit Red, Green, Blue and White. Because each units chip is behind its’ own lens (the little clear circles you can see on the picture) then when you’re doing colour mixing you don’t get colour fringes around shadows, just a nice crisp shadow. The white chip also means that pastels can look very sweet and with everything full on you get a nice useable white rather than blue white. It’s designed so it can sit on the deck on it’s own yoke or be hung on a rig with the usual in/out connections for DMX and power and has a fan that (so far) runs relatively quietly.

To control it, you can use either 4 channels of DMX or 6 – the advantage of the 6 channel mode is that you get a “Master dimmer” channel so you can preset a colour and then fade it up and down smoothly without the colours running through the spectrum (which is what tends to happen when you control RGB separately). The beam angle is 25 degrees, so 10 degrees more than the average LED PAR can – I reckon over a decent throw in a small venue that you’d get a beam similar to Patt 123 on medium flood.

The unit pulls 170W of power, so running half a dozen isn’t going to cost a lot in terms of energy plus there’s no gel to use. They list at £236 each (plus VAT) and I think certainly demands more than a passing glance. You can find them in our eShop here.