Thursday, May 09, 2013

You need hands...

So the song goes anyway, but rather than share a (to be honest - rubbish) Max Bygraves impression with you we thought you might like to know that we now stock Dirty Rigger gloves in our shop and our eShop.

They've been available in the UK for the last few years and come in a variety of styles and sizes - for an idea of the variety then have a look here.

They are comfortable to wear (I bought a pair of Framers (nice piccy here) a couple of years back, when they wore out - it was a "no brainer" to replace them) and the design has been given a lot of thought in terms of practicality.  I even managed to persuade a couple of the other guys here to buy some - our driver loves them in the winter, no more cold alloy bar on bare hands!

If you want to order some, you can ring the office or use our eShop this link gets you to the page, however the one's with the LED on the thumb are out of stock at the moment but then we all know how to balance a maglite behind our ear anyway - don't we?