Thursday, August 22, 2013

New in to Hire

As we've started to install more (and generally sell more) LED luminaires, we've started to be asked for them in hire. Now, it's a tricky one - do we put high end luminaires like the Ovations or the smaller eye candy fittings into our hire stock?

Coincidentally, we've just been asked to light a ceilidh band as part of a hire for someone's birthday party which made the decision for us - eye candy! In this case the LEDJ Slimline 229 IR (IR because it can controlled with a pocket size Infra Red remote) - we think we'll send them out in pairs something like this...

Two of the Slimline 229's on a two lantern tee bar on a black Doughty stand with all the mains cables and a data link cable so that the two units will do the same thing - or you can control them with DMX.

Being an RGBA unit you can get some nice colours out of them for small washes but the inbuilt programs make them look spectacular from about 12 feet away. At the moment, we have two pairs in hire and we're thinking around £30 per pair of fittings.

If you want your own - we can sell these units too, the full specs of the units can be found at the link here. Call our hire department for details of availability or if you want to come and see them working.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Audio Technica goes digital

There's been much made of the digital switchover for TV and the migration of licensed radio mikes to Channel 38 but the paradox has been that (by & large) to date - most radio microphone systems have used an analogue transmission system..

It looks as though it's about to turnaround though as Audio Technica launch their System 10 in to the UK.

Audio technica Series 10 radio microphones
8 channels can be used simultaneously without crosstalk issues that you might normally face, and the system operates in the 2.4gHz range so for the moment licences aren't needed. The only caveat could be that the human body attenuates these frequencies a little more than you would expect so locating transmitters on performers and the corresponding receivers may take a little more effort than normal.

The receivers have balanced XLR outputs and 1/4in jack line out and the bodypak transmitter uses the same HiRose connector as other Audio Technica systems so you can swap capsules between systems. In terms of price - they compare favourably to other systems in our range and whilst not cheap - they are an Audio Technica product so not horrendously expensive for the quality you're getting. They're listed in our eShop here and if you'd like to see the techie figures then the Audio Technica product page is at this link.

The plan is that we'll also take some of these units in to hire, along with our existing channel 38 systems it means we'll be able to offer simultaneous working for up to around 18 channels without costing horrendous amounts of money - start planning those spectaculars now!