Friday, September 27, 2013

Make light work colouring your Cyclorama

If you've been reading this blog since we first created it, you can't help but notice that there are more posts about LED fixtures than anything. This is simply because there's been no other addition to the Lighting Designers 'toolkit' over the last 12 months that has surprised us more. When we first saw LED Par cans, the technology was in it's infancy and the brightness from the units left much to be desired. As with all technology though, time makes a difference and the newest fixture that's getting us enthused is the eLumen8 Tri Pixel Batten from ProLight.

The eLumen Tri 8 Pixel Batten from ProLight Concepts
It uses COB LED's - there's a technical explanation here but essentially instead of discrete individual LED's they're a group of LED's mounted on a small PCB. In the case of the Tri8, this board is then mounted on the back of a dished aluminium reflector/diffuser. The end result seems to be a nice, bright and even field of colour.

We were bowled over when we first saw this unit, especially having seen various LED battens over the years, but this one really performs amazingly well. I think the original intention behind the design was to use the unit as a colour changing 'molefay' type unit but it looks just as stunning when pointed at a cyclorama.

As part of a school stage refurbishment in the summer, we installed 4 Tri 8 Battens to replace some old compartment battens. These new units are more compact, consume less energy and in all honesty perform far better than any conventional batten. From a 6 feet (2 metre) throw mounted on a ceiling bar they are lighting a 12 foot high by 20feet wide cyclorama from top to bottom!

So convinced are we that the Tri 8 Batten will perform well, we've just sold 9 to a small theatre to replace their conventional tungsten cyc battens! With the reduction in energy consumed and the fact they won't need lamps or gel, we're hoping that the cost of purchase is easily recovered from the savings in running costs.

If you'd like to read some more about the Tri 8 Pixel Batten then the ProLight website is here and they're available to order from our online shop at this link. We have a demo unit in stock, so if you're unsure it's going to work for you then please give us a call and we'll arrange a demo for you.