Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Do you have portable electrical equipment?

Most schools and venues do possess such equipment and we're often asked for the best regime or methods to maintain it in good working order once the PAT tester has left the building.

The UK Health and Safety Executive have just published a new guide on this particular subject, you can download a free copy (or purchase a paper copy) from the page here.

When was your stage equipment last looked at?

If you need your stage/performance lighting PAT tested because it has those "old fashioned round pin plugs" or those "foreign blue plugs" and your usual PAT tester won't do it (or he can't climb ladders!) then give us a call. We come to you so you don't need to take the equipment down, we can change lamps if needed and do basic maintenance too. If you want to pay us a little extra we can also clean the lanterns and check your curtain tracks are working as well.

Our rates are competitive because we believe PAT testing is something that should be done regularly (once you've read the booklet you'll understand why) and we don't want to the costs to be a burden.

Have a rough count of how many lanterns and things you'll need testing then give our sales desk a call and they'll give you a price for us to come visit you and test. Once we've done the tests, you'll get a printable report for your records along with your invoice and we'll even remind you in 12 months to see if you want us to do them again!