Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cognito - Lighting control by touch!

We've just installed our first Pathway Cognito desk to a school in Birmingham. We first came across the desk when City Theatrical asked us to take on a dealership - I saw it in the catalogue and asked for a demo of the beast. It's turned out to be an impressive little desk....

The picture above isn't big so detail is hard to make out (don't worry there'll be a link to its product page in a moment) but essentially it give you 20 faders to control intensity and generic channels, 4 rotary encoders that change function according to context and a touch panel to select fixtures and do other desk functions.

The school we've supplied it to chose the Cognito over a Zero88 Jester mostly because of the touch screen that will let them preset scenes for staff to playback quickly and easily. It's controlling 12 channels of generic lighting, two LED moving head fixtures, some RGBAW LED Pars and a couple of DMX club effects (for school disco's). Setup and patching was easy as the desk gently leads you through a path of choosing a channel number, fixture type and then DMX address. It has a built in fixture library with over a thousand fixtures already defined and enough generic fixtures for multi channel control of LED's that I left our customer happy with the control over his Visage LED's until he could eMail Pathway for a fixture personality.

The desk comes in 3 versions - Basic, Pro512 and Pro1024 - our customer bought the basic version as they didn't need the Ethernet or RS232 option or the two universes! The connectors are all on the back panel - if you decide next year that you need Artnet or Midi then you can simply buy a software key to unlock those features.

As promised - here's the product page link here and here's the link to our online shop so you can get an idea of pricing click here.

Trade pricing and educational pricing is available - give the shop a call and talk to someone in sales.