Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let the Eventlite light your world

The HighLite EventLITE 6/3

We had the first visit of the year from Dave of HighLite yesterday, as well as calling in to say "Happy New Year", he brought us a new piece of kit to look at - the EventLite 6/3.

It's a battery operated RGB LED fixture with WirelessDMX on board - you can see the aerial tucked in for transport on the right side of the base - and it stands about 12 inches high. The mains inlet you can see on the side is used to charge the unit, so you don't need dedicated charge bases or cases - just plug it in to the mains until it's ready.

It runs on 2,3 or 5 DMX channels if you want to control it by DMX or it has onboard colour programs so you can set it down and leave it running through a series of colours or just leave it static. The onboard wireless only receives DMX so although the unit can run in a Master/Slave configuration that has to be with cables. Mostly, we think folk would use them freestanding or wirelessly linked to a DMX console.

EventLite isn't inherently waterproof (though from the look on Dave's face when we asked - that might be on HighLites wishlist) but there is a rainproof cover available as an optional accessory - which given this years weather so far could well be needed.

Battery life is around 7 hours, so probably enough for most events - obviously if you don't run all the elements at full power then you may get longer.

List price is around £422 (+VAT) but we think that price wise this compares nicely with other rechargeable LED floods if you're not looking for long reach or ruggedness. If you'd like to see a demo then give us a call and we'll arrange something. If you'd like to look at the spec's then they're here on the HighLite site.