Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Y Splits are more interesting than Banana Splits

A cable Splitter for when a grelco just won't do

We've had a couple of visits lately from Phil Starling of TEN47 who claims he's coming to sell us stuff but we think he really just likes the tea and biscuits we ply him with - his latest visit though he was showing a new cable splitter.

Everyone is familiar with the 'traditional' two way adaptor used in theatre (called variously grelco, snapper, twofer - ad infinitum) but there are times when you need to split a circuit and have some leeway with movement, a cable Y splitter gives you that movement. We've sold cable splitters in the past, with a variety of methods of doing the joint in the centre of it all but this one looks nice and neat compared to the others.

The splitter is built "almost to demand" as you order it - they also do the Y Split with bare ends so you can use any combination of connectors. Because the block is custom moulded by TEN47, you can have a company name added too - no more arguments about whose splitter belongs to who!

Phil tells me (between mouthfuls of biscuit) that it comes in two cable variants mostly 1.5mm and 2.5mm but they're moulding machine can make the joint on cable up to 6mm. For a 2.5mm Y split with black 16a CEEFORM connectors, it's going to cost about £30 (+VAT) - if you want your name added then it's £20 extra but if you buy 100 splitters then they'll do your name for free.

TEN47 don't do just Y splitters, they hold enormous stocks of cable for making TRS extensions, Socapex, PowerLock or just heavy duty mains distro cables. They also do a nice range of Socapex compatible connectors that feel more durable than most of the other compatibles we've seen - they can even do a version with a moulded sheath over the cable entry for extra strain protection. Phil was also saying that they'll rework your existing mains multicores to the new connectors - you only pay for the work and the connector to be fitted.

Have a look at their website here for some inspiration , if you'd like ask about pricing then give our sales desk a call and if you want to see the connectors - then let us know and we'll try and tempt with some chocolate biccies.