Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Electrical Safety issue with some products

Don't panic Mr Mainwaring...

We've had an eMail in the last few days from Highlite - we use them for some of the smoke machines we sell and a lot of our audio cables - about a possible issue with some of their products that they feel needs a recall.  It's only a limited number of items that it concerns and to be honest, it only becomes a real danger if you misuse the equipment, it potentially affects some of the other products we sell but so far we've heard nothing from their distributors.

The units immediately affected are the one's below (the date is when they were manufactured and sold) and branded "Antari" or "ShowTec".

Units purchased before this date are not covered by this recall and units later than this have the necessary modification fitted that rectifies the issue.

  • 40129                    Mega Bubble machine        15-07-2004  -  21-08-2013
  • 50356                    Showmaster 48                    05-01-2004  -  02-09-2013 
  • 60611                    Wireless Rem.Contr            30-01-2004  -  15-08-2013
  • 60651/60651UK  Antari F-80z                          30-12-2003  -  04-09-2013

The danger potentially arises if something other than the remote control for the machine is plugged in to the IEC socket or if the Wireless Remote is plugged in to an IEC power outlet (such as on an old PC or an LED fixture). If you're concerned that this might apply to a piece of equipment you own from between those dates, then the manufacturer is happy to take the unit back and fit a modification for you - free of charge.

How do I get my unit sorted?

First of all, contact our sales desk if you bought the equipment from us. If you have the original paperwork (to prove you did buy the unit from us) then so much better, otherwise we'll try and find a record of the sale at our end, we'll then arrange for you to bring the unit to us so we can return it to HighLite. Unfortunately, we're unable to offer loan equipment for your unit whilst it's away and in fairness it could be away for 7-10 working days. We're also unable to action the recall for equipment that you didn't buy from us - you need to talk to the original seller.

If you're unsure that this applies to you and your unit, then give our Sales desk a call and they can talk things over with you. Our greatest concern is that this may affect mostly our Schools customers who bought Antari F80's and from our experience with the "life" of those units many of them will have since been replaced. Please - if you're unsure then give us a call.