Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Smoke Machines from Rosco

They don't only do paint and gel...

We've been a Rosco customer for a few years now, we sell an awful lot of their Gel, their Gobo's and an increasing amount of their paints (mostly for UV scenes or for Chroma Key sets in video suites). As a result we get a regular visit from Claire our Account Manager but the mini trade show season over the last few weeks has upset the rythmn of her visits - so last week she sent us an eMail announcing their new smoke machines.

The machines in question are the Vapour Series (if you want to see the whole range then have a look here) and you'll see that it's quite a comprehensive range. Being Rosco, they're nice sturdy workhorse machines with no glitz and glammer - it's a smoke machine and it produces smoke, lots of it!

The Vapour series isn't cheap - the machine above lists at £629 (+VAT) but it's a workhorse, designed to give lots of smoke for most of the day without any complaint and only a top up of fluid. It's also built using parts that can be replaced should they fail, so it should serve you well long after it's Chinese made cousins have given up AND you'll be able to get the Vapour serviced reliably too. If you're going to have to depend on your smoke machine to work for most of the year then the Vapour series should probably be on your list of 'must look at' machines before you buy.

We don't have a demo unit here in Birmingham but they'll have some units at ABTT and once that's over, I think Claire would be more than happy to bring us a demo unit if you wanted to see one here. Give our Sales desk a call if you want to learn more or have a look in our eShop for prices - here.