Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Seeking divine inspiration for your staging?

New decorative nosing and altar rail from Mainstage

We don't actually sell a lot of staging - it's the nature of our customer base, the majority of them already have a stage and so don't need to buy. 

We do occasionally get asked though, so our staging 'of choice' comes mostly from Mainstage - we've known them for many years and they're continually working to make their product easy to use. Their most recent innovation was a cunning leg lock for their Cameo system - you can have a quick look at it here

Along with a sturdy aluminium frame, it means that our customers end up with a sturdy durable stage system that's relatively easy to move around and quick to set up - with the added bonus of not really needing lots of spanners. You can look at the whole Cameo range here and see how versatile it is (and why we like to sell it to our customers!).

Mainstage are carrying on their habit of innovating by creating a decorative nosing for the Cameo system for when it's installed in a place of worship along with an demountable altar rail. The timber components of the accessories are made from ash so it gives a nice light finish to the fittings rather than the usual black 'industrial' look that you get with most stage edgings. The video shows the altar rail being fitted but if you click the link

here you'll get a better idea of how it fits together whist this page shows some examples of work they've done in creating permanent staging in places of worship. As you can see, they can create modules to enable the system to fit in to most spaces. If you're looking at some staging for a project and would like to know more, then give our sales desk a call and we'll do what we can to help.