Friday, November 07, 2014

Delivery charges in our online shop

"Why is it so expensive?"...

It's a question we're often asked by some of the customers to our online shop (if you didn't know we had one - then have a look here) when a lot of eBay sellers and other companies offer free carrage?

The simple answer doesn't exist to be honest - we're not yet shipping stuff out of Birmingham in such large quantities that we can find a carrier we believe in that will offer us the kind of deal that larger companies can take advantage. Nor do we get such good deals on some of the stock that we buy so that we can "hide" the price of delivery in the advertised price. If we tried to do that today so that we could offer "free delivery" then our prices would take a jump upwards and we'd be more expensive than most.

We find that for many of our customers, having items delivered via UPS with a tracking number and next day delivery means they get their order in a timely fashion. It also means that we're not cutting corners this end and you can still call us and talk to someone who can discuss your question with a certain amount of confidence that we're giving the correct advice.

Economy Delivery

We do recognise though that for some customers buying small items - the cost of the UPS delivery is prohibitive, we have therefore decided to offer a "UK Economy" delivery option for items that we can comfortably post e.g sticks of makeup, single capsule style lamps or a roll of PVC tape. Being an "Economy" service we will be using second class post so items can take up to 7 working days to be with you.

We do have many of the smaller items in stock in our shop in Birmingham so if you're local - you might consider calling over to say "Hello" as well (and there's a Greggs next door too!). It might also be worth considering that buying some items from our online shop and having them delivered by UPS can work out cheaper than having the same item delivered on one of our vehicles!

The Checkout system on our shop will still offer the option of a UPS delivery and price the delivery accordingly - it will also recognise when larger items are in your basket that will exceed the limit of our Economy service and adjust the price accordingly.

We're always looking at ways we can save our customers money, we don't like delivery charges either but sadly they're a factor in online shopping these days. All that we can offer as mitigation is that we're knowledgeable, happy to help when we can and nice people to deal with when you have a question.