Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Have you ordered your Lighting and Sound kit yet?

Don't leave it too long or everything will be booked out

It's a given that your Christmas show may not be as big as a spectacular as the one in the video below but it won't look or sound good without working equipment or the extra lighting and sound kit that you normally need.

Disney's "Frozen Wish Holiday show" from YouTube

If you've not ordered yet and think there's plenty of time, you may end up being disappointed... 

There's no such phrase in our vocabulary as "Too early to book hire" especially when we already have  bookings for February and November 2015!! 

If you know you've got issues with your sound, lighting or stage drapes then you should really give us a call now so that we have time to get someone to you and sort it out! If you only want hire and you know when you need it - then give our hire desk a call too - you can reach all of our departments on 0121 778 6400!