Friday, February 27, 2015

System 10 Pro from audio technica

System 10 goes rackmountable

If you've talked to us over the last 12 months about radio mikes, then more often than not the conversation has turned to the audio technica System 10 digital radio mike. Many of our customers have been enamoured by the fact that the system is licence free, not prone to interference from other radio mikes and self manages itself to ensure that it's signal is always received clearly.

For some reason, when the system was originally designed, there was no thought given to making it securely rackmountable and for some of our customers we've ended up using sticky pads to keep them in place. We won't have to do this any more with the new System 10 pro - it's a properly rackmountable dual channel receiver (and a half width receiver at that - so 4 channels will mount compactly).

As you can see from the picture above - it's possible to 'undock' the receiver from the rack chassis and then connect it using ethernet cable back to the chassis - the cable can be upto 328 feet so avoiding 'dead spots' in a venue becomes relatively easy. It's also possible to interlink a group of chassis in a rack using RJ12 cables (one is provided with each chassis) so that upto 5 units can be interlinked allowing them to work together to give you 10 channels of wireless!

Here's the link to the product page on the audio technica website clicky and if you think that you'd like to talk to our sales team about System 10 - here's our contact page