Monday, March 02, 2015

QolorFLEX™ LED Tape from City Theatrical

Flexible and wireless if you need it to be

We had a visit from Lauren & Gary from City Theatrical last week, Lauren's been wanting to meet us for a while and Gary had bought over some demo product from the US that they're having a lot of success with - namely QolorFLEX™ LED Tape.

It comes in a wide range of options for spacing of the LED's, colours and operating voltages with an amazing variety of control options too. City Theatrical have been refining the range over the last few years - mostly enhancing the drivers they've designed resulting from their work on dressing the power station set in "The Amazing Spider Man 2" and the TV and theatre work that's come out of that.

QolorFLEX™ is also being used in the West End - The glass elevator and the Oompa Loompa's in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are the most prominent uses, in fact it's being used in a lot more shows but audiences just don't realise it.

The LED's that get used to make the tape are "binned" - they're all selected so they match for colour and brightness and the resulting reels of tape are "binned" again so that if you buy 10 reels they will all match. The tape can be cut with scissors and you don't need any special termination tools (unless you're using the IP67 tape) except a soldering iron to attach the wires you connect to the driver unit. There's also a 3M adhesive backing strip on the tape so you don't need to burn your fingers on the hot melt glue gun.

The accessory range for the tape is impressive too - you don't need to buy the connectors or wire tails from some other supplier - it could all come in the same box!

Here's a link to the product page on the City Theatrical Site so you can look over the specifications, we've been promised a sample strip of tape and a driver to show people. 

We think it's a nice problem solver for doing light boxes, cove lighting or perhaps for adding some pazazz to a conference set or even a theatre set. There are battery operated drivers as well adding QolorFLEX™ to a costume for "Gypsy" or your own "Charlie" would be possible too. 

Of course, if you're looking to add it to a rental set you would only need to buy the tape you needed and a few drivers then swap the drivers between sets as they were fitted up.

Give our Sales desk a call if you want to know more - here's the contact page link