Tuesday, May 09, 2017


We have been investing in new hire equipment of the past couple of week. Nothing spectacular,
but we are pleased.

For many years we have used the Look Solution Unique Hazer as the back bone of our professional
haze machines.  Then we had a run of faults and ended up sub hiring a Le Maitre machine. This machine
used the new Le Maitre  PureHaze fluid which although expensive , lasts an incredibly long time .
So our first purchase was the Le Maitre Neutron XS haze machine.   This hires for £85.00 per week
(the same price as our Unique Hazer) and is supplied with 2.5 litres of fluid . 
We supply the unit with the DMX interface as standard.

The initial response from customers who have tried the machine is very favourable.

The machine that set new standards for haze, Neutron remains one of Le Maitre’s most popular products delivering up to 100 to 120 hours of haze from just one 2.5L bottle of fluid. Part of Neutron’s success is the simple, straightforward controls. Switch it on and it quietly makes haze. Combine this with its minimal power consumption and built-in self-cleaning mechanism and you have a top of the range hazer that is low cost as well as low maintenance. Suitable for small to medium sized venues.
  • High power quiet single speed fan
  • Low fluid consumption: 25cc/hr (100hrs/2.5L bottle)
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Optional DMX Interface
Le Maitre hazers feature the patented S.T.A.R. technology to produce pure and consistent atmospheric haze. With precise control over thermal conditions and fluid dispensing, Le Maitre hazers combined with the specially formulated PureHaze Fluid, they produce a dry, low residue output, with a long hang time
Le Maitre hazers produce some of the best haze for lighting enhancement. They are used extensively in venues from studios to theatres to stadiums, adding significantly to the impact and drama of lighting and laser rigs.
Le Maitre's haze is almost 90% active ingredient, resulting in 10x more haze in the air than other hazers!

check out the video